How to use the Object-Fit Property in CSS

June 1, 2020

Images used in HTML or JSX will be loaded by default at their actual size and aspect ratio. Oftentimes we need to fit images into a specific sized container while maintaining that aspect ratio. For the longest time the background property (instead of <img /> tags) was the primary way to do this.

With object-fit, we can make our images responsive and crop how we want them. This property works on media elements such as images and videos.

Object-fit values

The object-fit property is assigned to any media element with specified dimensions. It works similarly to the background CSS property which you can learn more about here. Once the height and width are specified, object-fit accepts 5 possible values

Object-fit Value What it does
contain fits entire image into the element
cover fills element generally cropping the image
fill fills entire element, generally stretching the image
none doesn’t resize the image
scale-down smaller option of none and contain

The first two options tend to cover a majority of the use cases for object-fit.


This property is similar to the background-position property for background images. If your image doesn’t fit perfectly in the container, this property will allow you to specify how to align it.

Object-position accepts two arguments, horizontal alignment and vertical alignment. Percentages (0%, 50%, 100%) or keywords (top, center, bottom, etc) can be used to specify the position. By default, this property is set to 50%, 50% which is equivalent to center, center. The top-left of an element is equivalent to 0% 0% or top left while the bottom-right is 100% 100% or bottom right.


For comparison in each example, the original image with no properties will be at the top. The second image will fit inside a 400px by 400px container beneath it.

Without object-fit (crunches image)

images with object-fit

Contain (entire image)

object-fit contain

Cover (fills container)

object-fit cover

Fill (stretch fills container)

object-fit fill

None (original size)

object-fit none

Scale-down (contain < none)

object-fit scale-down

Full-width Images

Another good use case would be if we wanted our image to fill the full width of the screen, without changing aspect ratio. We can also center the image at the bottom to show more of the road with object-position. In this case we could use these styles

.image-to-fit {
  width: 100%;
  height: 400px;
  object-fit: cover;
  object-position: 50% 100%;

object-fit full width


Object fit is a useful tool for quickly cropping images and videos without using the background property or a custom solution. Since there is practically never a good case for stretching images, this property is often helpful for maintaining aspect ratios.

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